Welcome to the official website of Niki Wibrow who has worked as a fitness teacher, presenter, commentator, trainer, and consultant all over the world for the past twenty years.

Niki is probably best known for choreographing and presenting four best-selling celebrity fitness DVD’s, which sold a total of 500,000 copies in the UK to date. She has worked as a personal trainer to many TV celebrities (including Sara Cox, Zoe Lucker, & Angela Griffin), and has appeared in her own right as a Fitness Guru on many TV shows including This Morning, Breakfast Television, The Big Breakfast, The Generation Game, Richard & Judy, Angela & Friends, and in several documentaries including ‘Not Fit for TV’ (Channel 4). Niki has also worked extensively selling fitness products on the QVC shopping channel.

Niki Wibrow Celebrity TrainerNiki has presented at the highest level, performing at the majority of Fitness conventions around the world and teaching a variety of disciplines including Dance, Aerobics, Fitball, Skipping, Aqua, and Yoga.

Niki has written for many newspaper titles and magazines, and is a regular guest ‘expert’ on BBC Radio 5Live. She is also currently the face of Netflix fitness, presenting their latest on-demand exercise modules.

Niki also works as a consultant, working with hotels, clubs, and spas to set up their consumer fitness facilities. Her expertise is called on to help design studio layouts and timetables, as well as instructor selection and ongoing training.

If you would like to contact Niki to discuss your personal or business requirements, please email here or go to the contact page. Thank you.



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What my Clients say...

  • Usually before a session Im lethargic and sometimes unenthusiastic – Niki rocks up with her Mary Poppins-esque bag and pulls out all manner of equipment for us to use, whacks on my favourite music and one hour later I’m shattered but beaming and buzzing.
    Niki copes brilliantly with various children, family members & pets wandering in during our sessions and manages to keep me interested and focused despite me having the attention span of a toddler.
    Niki is the only trainer I’ve established a long-term relationship with thanks to her basically being brilliant at what she does. With Niki it’s not just the training, she’ll advise on nutrition and lifestyle too which is very handy.

    Sara Cox, DJ BBC Radio2
  • “I met Niki after I had had a major accident and her sheer enthusiasm managed to pull me past my pain and begin the long journey back to fitness. She is vibrant and stimulating and such a kind woman – how lucky I am to have met her. She tailored my work program around my capabilities. Everyone would benifit from a Niki Wibrow in their lives!”

    Sian Reeves, Actress Mount Pleasant
  • “I was lucky to meet Niki who designed the workouts on my DVD. She is fantastic and knew how to keep me motivated.”

    Zoe Lucker, Actress Waterloo Road

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